Overview of the solution

MaestroVision has the skills to provide and install the audio and video recording system for your institution. MaestroVision is able to recommend a solution that is in every way compliant and even superior to your requirements.


The proposed solution consists of three systems:

The first is a surveillance-type system where all the cameras, microphones and monitors of the simulators in all the locations are recorded at the central center.

The second system is the MaestroVision SIMRECORDER, which allows you to extract, edit and save the pre-recorded content. Basically, students and teachers have access the system and save their experiences.

Finally, the third system is the MaestroVision Media Library, which allows the archiving and management of everything that has been saved.


Choosing the right Technology (IP vs SDI)

1. Perfect synchronization of audio with video with SDI Technology



As we can see on the figure above, in an IP installation, the cameras are connected to the network. The video is not sent in real-time to the computer for capture, but rather in packet which is then decoded by the software in the computer. This transmission takes from one to two seconds and varies depending on whether the network is busy or not. But, the audio signal is transmitted directly to the computer. Its transmission delay is practically nonexistent. Resellers of IP solution can put a delay to the audio signal to synchronize with the video, but as video transport does not take place in real time and depends on the network, the transmission of the video is always variable and then  impossible to be synchronized with the audio.

2. Clean switching between camera transition with SDI Technology

The solution offered by MaestroVision is based on Digital SDI technology (not on IP). SDI technology is what Broadcasters are using and it offers a much superior audio and video qualities, a perfect synchronization of audio with the video and an absolute clean switching between cameras.



MaestroVision Solution based on SDI technology

fig 3

  1. MaestroVision will provide a system for recording synchronized audio and video for the twelve (12) courtrooms.
  2. The installed system will include between two (2) and six (6) cameras
  3. The installed system will allow for the recording of a Polycom Interactive Video System installed in each courtroom.
  4. All video sources will be connected to a clean switcher allowing for clean transition when switching between cameras, the Polycom Video Interactive System and other sources.
  5. The switcher will have 12 inputs and 12 outputs and offer manual switching of the sources.The system will also provide voice activated switching of cameras based of audio sources.
  6. System will have redundant recordings captured device.
  7. The system will offer an application that allows simultaneous and synchronized playback of cameras and the polycom System.
  8. The playback application will be transportable to DVDs or USB keys for proper monitoring of the trials.
  9. The system will allow a secured live monitoring of trials from authorized personal through the network.
  10. The MaestroVision system has the ability to archive each day’s recordings to a central archive server.
  11. Multi-Layer Access Controls – the MaestroVision system can support authentication via username and password with support for Active Directory. System will allow for customized assignment configuration, and provide the ability to restrict functional access via customizable User Groups.
  12. Online Case Management of Recordings – The MaestroVision system has the ability to quickly store, retrieve and share trial recordings and associated electronic media (such as photos), documents, spreadsheets and notes.
  13. Full Text Search – System will provide the ability to search and effectively retrieve a session recording or other documents and media based on a variety of search criteria, including full text search on notes.
  14. Annotation- the MaestroVision system provides the ability to mark or flag important video segments with a descriptive note and will allow users to link directly to a specific point in a video on playback by selecting the playback option.


MaestroVision is a leading-edge supplier of audio & video solutions. Our engineering team has developed an innovative, state-of-art solution ensuring all court hearings are accurately documented, and accessible to all parties in a secure, confidential and easy to use way. Besides the basic function of recording, our solutions provide a wide range of features, which enhance our offering, making our solution a must in the courtroom.

  1. Live Streaming
  2. Replay
  3. Duplication & Transcription
  4. Data Management
  5. Technology and Security
  6. Applicable Warranty
  7. Customization

Live Streaming

Live streaming allows the viewing of courtroom sessions, hearings & trials in real time.



  • Content is available to watch live on a secure website.
  • Supports up to 2,000 simultaneous users (viewers).
  • No configuration required
  • Outstanding video and audio quality
  • On-site recording services available



The replay functions allows the judge to hear again testimony given earlier in the proceedings. This functionality is available on the workstations of all individuals who need to listen to the recordings (judges, assistants, court clerks, some interveners from administrative and judicial centers, etc.).



  • Retrieve a record by a multi-criteria search (eg. by court file number)
  • Quickly return to the search result after a replay without starting a new search
  • Permits replay of a recording at any time according to the restrictions applied
  • Displays annotations related to the hearing
  • Move on a time scale
  • Speed up or slow down the sound file rate
  • Increase or decrease the volume
  • Isolate a recording track to facilitate replay
  • Listen to recordings on remote sites
  • Enables the use of a pedal during playing back


Duplication and Transcription

The duplicating service provides access to a copy of a recording, subject to the payment of the fees due and the restrictions imposed by law or ordered by a judge. The rights of access to these records are specified by law. Therefore the reproduction of public records must be done in accordance with the existing legislative and regulatory framework, in compliance with the rules of confidentiality.



  • Makes one or more copies of existing records on external media, depending on the restriction applied
  • Retrieve a record by a multi-criteria search (eg. by court file number, registry, date, time or room number
  • Quickly return to the search result after a replay without starting a new search
  • Select a whole recording
  • Select a specific part of the recording, to the nearest second
  • Enter the start and end time (in hours-minutes-seconds) of the section to be transplanted
  • Select a part of the record from an annotation
  • Select a part of the recording by replaying it
  • Enables the use of a pedal during dubbing


Data Management

Data management ensures that the availability, integrity and compliance of content is met. Records management is able to proceed with the destruction of inactive judicial records according to a retention schedule. This destruction of records is parameterized and can be performed manually in a preset list. The data is easily exploitable. The courthouse is able to export the raw data (eg. in the form of flat files).




  • Set variable and enforced retention rules
  • Add metadata to include but not limited to case number, incident type, per category and other information
  • Search by name, date, event, device, as well as notes etc. to each file
  • Comprehensive easy to follow screens for case information entry and associated evidence data
  • Recordings will be organized in a web-based management system with secure user authentication and access control
  • On-line monitoring of the recording in each of the courtrooms
  • Transfer of files to the central server even if the audience is not finished (eg. maximum 5 minutes between transfers)
  • Leaves the recordings on the local station without removing them for a period of time allowing modifications by the operator
  • Displays records in a list for destruction. Destruction is activated by an authorized person after a confirmation message
  • Set variable and enforced retention rules. Will allow administrators to delete/purge files based on the retention rules and regulations
  • Search by judge, lawyers, clerk, witnesses, file name, date, event, case number and others
  • Run ad hoc reports on various parameters and will include but not limited to active devices, user accounts, evidence created and evidence deleted


Technology and Security

Technology needs will meet best practices in IT and data security while satisfying the requirements of the solution.


  • Deployment and execution of services in a server virtualization infrastructure
  • Complies with departmental corporate directory direction by using Windows Active Directory (AD) for authentication while allowing offline authentication of the network (stand-alone mode)
  • Provides mechanisms for retrieving all metadata associated with audio files
  • Logs and maintains the conditions for the operation and execution of business transactions (eg. date, time, user identity, etc.) and makes them operable by piloting
  • Recording of roaming audiences in stand-alone mode and synchronize delayed information when the courthouse network is available. Synchronization must support all network types and speeds
  • Exports the stored audio files in a standard, non-proprietary format
  • Provides a mechanisms to ensure the integrity of replicated, synchronized or transferred information
  • Uses mechanisms to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data in communications between solution modules
  • Manages profile access and allow access only to users (and processes) who require it to accomplish their assigned tasks
  • Allows limiting the number of consecutive invalid logon attempts by a user
  • Prohibits concurrent sessions for a user account
  • Provides an audit report documenting the results of safety testing and evaluation and corrective action


Applicable Warranty

Total Care Plus Program

The Total Care Plus Program provides technical support and replacement services of hardware components for MaestroVision systems, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This program is renewable every year as long as you own the system(s). The program guarantees that your system(s) will always be functional and up to date:

  • When the system’s hardware components become obsolete, they will be replaced by new ones.
  • In addition, you will have unlimited access to our technical support via phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Total Care Plus Program provides a complete and economical coverage to companies that are interested in protecting their investment on a long-term basis.

The Program offers:

  • Extended warranty on your equipment for as long as you own the system
  • Coverage of your hardware components, software and labor costs
  • Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays
  • Replacement hardware components will be shipped directly to your location when you send us your defective hardware component
  • Software bug fixes, updates & upgrades
  • Software reinstallation when necessary

The Program does not cover:

  • Transportation, customs clearance and/or travel expenses
  • Problems with your system caused by a virus or Trojan. Repairs and/or support will be charged at the hourly rate with a minimum charge of 1 hour
  • Installation of third-party software and/or hardware, unless authorized by MaestroVision, will void your warranty program



We have the capability and capacity to develop a customized solution based on your requirements as well as your performance standards and technical specifications. We want to be your partner and help you achieve your goals. Please contact our team to start changing your judicial process performance and efficiency!


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