SIMRECORDER Simulation Recorder

The SIMRECORDER application uses the features of Milestone System’s XProtect server to give you the greatest flexibility and functionality.



 The MaestroVision Application

  • All MaestroVision software is multilingual. It is therefore possible to configure each workstation in different languages.
  • The system offers an application that allows the simultaneous and perfectly synchronized viewing of multiple cameras.
  • The playback application can be transported to a DVD or USB stick.
  • The system has the ability to archive all records in a centralized archive server.
  • The system allows for custom configuration of users and provides the ability to restrict access to certain functions through customizable user groups.
  • Online Records Management – The system has the ability to quickly store, retrieve and share associated interview and electronic media records such as photos, videos, audio and documents.
  • Keyword Search – The system has the ability to efficiently search and retrieve a record or other document and media based on a variety of search criteria, including text search on notes.
  • Annotation – the system provides the ability to annotate video recordings with descriptive notes and allows users to directly retrieve a specific point in a video during playback.

“SIMRECORDER” Software Application:

  • Comes with a user-friendly application that is easy to learn and use.
  • Prevents users from accessing previous simulations in the MaestroVision SERVER.
  • Requires users to provide a password in order to use the system.
  • Requires the entry of basic information (case number, student ID, type of simulation, student name), before launching the application.
  • Has the ability to display, record and play four perfectly synchronized and independent images (not a picture-in-picture).
  • Provides the ability to annotate video segments with a descriptive note.
  • Allows users, during playback, to find a specific point in a video by clicking on the descriptive note.
  • Displays the cameras in the interrogation room, allows you to hear the interview and show the audio levels being recorded.
  • Displays all the cameras, allows you to hear the audio and display the audio levels being recorded
  • Will record the actual date and time of the interview and display them during playback.
  • Allows multi-speed forward and backward playback.
  • Generates and displays thumbnails of one of the cameras in the room. It is possible to access a specific location during playback by clicking on a thumbnail.
  • At the end of the recording, the MaestroVision software allows the interview to be transferred to the centralized video library and / or copied immediately to a CD / DVD or a USB key.
  • Includes a DVD or USB flash drive application to enable proper viewing of multi-view simulation.




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