The “Milestone System” “XProtect Professional” Server

Milestone Systems is the leading provider of open platform IP video management software. The XProtect platform provides reliable, powerful, easy-to-manage monitoring capabilities that have proven successful for thousands of installations around the world. Compatible with the largest panel in the market in terms of network hardware and integration with other systems, XProtect offers you cutting-edge solutions for using video in your colleges.


The system will be installed in two servers providing redundancy in the event of a failure. YOUR COLLEGE’s internal network will allow access to server content from any of the satellite campuses.

The software application

A username and password is assigned to each student or teacher to allow access to the content. In fact, it is possible to access all cameras in all campuses simultaneously. According to a specific need, each workstation will be configured to view the desired simulation. It is important to specify the word “watch” because in fact all cameras are recorded at all times. There is no danger of errors where one would not have selected the right cameras to view in real time.


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mvsAdminThe “Milestone System” “XProtect Professional” Server