Digital Evidence Management System

The new challenge for Law enforcement agencies

Law enforcement agencies are facing many challenges in regards to digital evidence management, the most recent being the growing use of body-worn cameras. The amount of video information that is being collected due to existing in-car camera recordings, licence-plate readers, GPS applications, recorded interviews, surveillance cameras and others, is becoming unmanageable.

Police departments are currently looking for new solutions to optimize video evidence management; reducing time response to existing investigations, while improving their storage capabilities and speed of information retrieval.Digital evidence management solution from MaestroVision

Storage, data retention and training costs

In regards to digital evidence management, police departments are responsible for protecting personal data, storing recordings in a secure server, restricting access to information, whilst providing assurance that recordings have not been modified or accessed inappropriately. Contrary to this, it is imperative that prosecutors and defence attorneys are granted permission to access specific evidence at certain times, without turning this function into a full-time job for police officers.

Providing this service represents additional expense, over and above the initial capital cost of cameras and equipment, not only in data storage and retrieval but also in training and program management. In 2014, The Police Executive Research Foundation published a document revealing that the estimated cost of data storage from body-worn cameras alone can reach up to 2 million dollars per year in some cities.

Current reality of digital evidence management in law enforcement

Each personal camera, in-car camera, licence-plate reader, GPS application, ticket management and other communication devices are using their own storage and management systems. The process of retrieving and reviewing evidence becomes unworkable because there is no cross-referencing between these applications.

The amount of time wasted by officers searching for evidence has become such a problem that in some cases, law enforcement agencies have taken the decision to simply destroy their video information. Too often, defence attorneys requesting evidence gathered about their clients, monopolises hours of police time.  This is the kind of expense that law enforcement agencies simply cannot afford, despite the fact that critical lost evidence can either help prove an offence or resolve a crime.

Centralized digital evidence management solution

Manage all evidence from a centralized application and obtain all information in a single search

Considering that one of the biggest challenges that law enforcement agencies face is the efficient digital evidence management, a cost-effective centralized solution with advanced security features and a reliable backup storage system is imperative.

MaestroVision provides a centralized solution to efficiently manage the unprecedented volumes of data now collected and retrieve relevant video evidence in a single search.

All data collected by law enforcement officers, including video, audio, images and documents from body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, licence plate readers, GPS applications, gunshot detection systems, laptops, facial recognition software, interrogation recordings, surveillance cameras and media provided by the citizens, can be managed from just one location.

Key features include:

  • Advanced security components to protect critical content
  • Limited access based on security clearance levels
  • Search engine capable of finding multiple evidence in a single search
  • Reliable backup system
  • Data retention rules
  • Simple operation through intuitive user interface
  • Extensive storage capabilities

MaestroVision solutions provide highly efficient means to manage all data collection, whilst reducing time response to existing investigations, improving their storage capabilities and speed of information retrieval, and most importantly reducing operational expenses.

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