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You probably know the old adage: stick to what you know.

Manufacturer of healthcare simulations have made tremendous progress in the last few years.  The mannequin simulators are incredibly realistic and gaining in acceptance in healthcare education and training.
Therefore, it is crucial to record the simulations in order to debrief and review the simulation processes. Mannequin simulators manufacturers have to provide a recording and reviewing option, but this is clearly not their core business.   Their solutions mostly lack in video and audio quality, are unstable and don’t provide a complete solution from recording, managing, storing and distributing.
MaestroVision’s technology provides a powerful, simple and cost-effective solution for recording and sharing healthcare simulations. Our range of product provides the following: digital recording, live streaming, webcasting, video-on-demand (VOD), annotations, metadata reports and transcripts, media asset manager & library.
Our audio & video solution is currently being deployed in more than 2,000 locations.
Record management is at the heart of MaestroVision’s technology. The system ensures the availability, integrity and compliance of all recorded data.

Overview of the solution

MaestroVision has the skills to provide and install the audio and video recording system for your institution. MaestroVision is able to recommend a solution that is in every way compliant and even superior to your requirements.





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